So many friends f_uk2

Text: J. More
Musik: Gérard Bourgeois

so many friends have come and gone like you have done
I meet them for a while between the rain and snow
like birds of passage sheltering from a stormy sky
we get to know each other while the clouds pass by

they always leave a little of themselves behind
a tenderness and sympathy so hard to find
they listen to my troubles with a look so wise
but often there's a touch of sadness in their eyes

like you, you came to me, from the storm
you came to me and I kept you warm

so many friends of mine before have done the same
they go away from me as quickly as they came
their hearts are full of tenderness and love to share
with all the lonely people they meet everywhere

who knows exactly what the future has in store
one thing I know for certain, I've got one friend more
a friend in need will always find a friend in you
maybe some day when I'm alone you'll see me through

some day, I'll come to you from the storm
I'll come to you and you'll keep me warm